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Whether you are trying to decide if you should leave the corporate world and start your own business, or you are already on your entrepreneurial journey, I can help!

Are you looking for guidance on how to step into the world of entrepreneurship or just deciding to re-brand an existing business?  Let’s Talk!


Breakthrough Idea Generation


* I created a facilitated process to intentionally spur breakthrough thinking and innovative idea generation to propel your business model forward.

* Leading women in a process that balances creativity, intelligence, data, and intuition to arrive at their next breakthrough idea!

* An idea is only viable if there is momentum to back it up...


  • Together we are going to plan your strategy & develop your brand story. Along with your brand Guide, a unique logo will be included. You'll also have an opportunity to get a beautiful & visitor-friendly website you can be very proud of!  You'll be confident in what we've developed together.   Click here to learn more...


You can choose between 3 different ways you can work with me!  Brainstorming For Success Laser Coaching, the 30 day Find Focus Coaching program and the 3-Month Strategy & Grow Coaching program.  I absolutely love One:One coaching with desire-driven women.  Click here to learn more…

“Thank you for doing such an amazing job under such time constraints, Jen! Exceeded my hopes and provided invaluable support for my business!”  –  “A quick update…your website and graphics have helped me get traction! And my tickets and passes are really selling!  I’ve already surpassed my sales goals.  And, the way people are writing about why they want to go and what they will do…it is touching my heart so much! Really powerful. So thank you again for busting this out and helping bring my vision to life!”

Marissa Nordstrom

Creator and Curator, LucyBello

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Breakthrough Thinking

Core Brilliance

Exceptional Strategies

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