Monthly WordPress Website Maintenance

Don’t leave your website vulnerable to failure or attacks!



Wordpress Developers carry out regular updates and improvements.  Theme developers design new and improved versions to fix bugs and security issues and to create new options.  Plug-in developers do the same!

What does this mean to your WordPress website? 

If you don’t log-in to your dashboard on a regular basis you can open your site up to becoming vulnerable to security threats, disabled plugins (which mean some features may stop working without you noticing) and other problematic issues. 


In worst-case scenarios, your entire website can become disabled! 



Why wait until this happens!  How it works. You should check your dashboard, at the very least, once a week.  Your WP dashboard clearly indicates that you have updates available. 

– D.I.Y.  ~  Learn To Do It Yourself –

$397 – Site Maintenance Training: I can teach you what you will need to do to keep your site safe. 

Learn how to create your Backup so that you can revert to previous versions of your website, in case any of your updates do not play well together or you encounter other issues.

Learn the best methods for making sure everything is working the way it should.  Checking links, contact forms, page URL’s.  Making sure your visitors can still access your opt-in forms (free downloads or giveaways for example), and making sure your re-directs are still working… and more.

Learn how to set up, create blog posts, and add photos.  Get to know your WordPress dashboard.  

Learn how to check for all updates including WordPress, Themes and Plugins.

Discover Widgets & Plugins and how they work and what they do for your site.  

You will also learn how to check for comments and how to delete spam.

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This Is How It Works...

Step 1: I will access to your WordPress Dashboard so that I can go through your site with a fine-tooth comb and then I able to make recommendations. 

Step 2:  We will book a Video call via Skype, Zoom or Facebook Messenger Video and together we go through your WordPress dashboard where I will show you how to look for and do all updates. 

I will also walk you through creating site back-ups

I will follow-up our call with a few instructional videos and personalized document for you to follow along.

*  Bonus:  I will be available for one half-hour follow-up call within 30 day and email support (max 2/day) for 30 days.

  • Bonus:  Step-by-Step Guide Book & Videos


** Note:  With fairly frequent updates, you do have to be diligent about keeping yourself educated on how changes can effect your site and understand that things can go wrong.  I cannot stress back-ups enough. *** If you’ve not got any security in place, I will recommend a security plug-in for you, as well.

Your Website is your Business Real Estate Online!

– Make your Website Worry-Free –

$150/Month * Maintenance & Security Package

What this includes: 

Weekly back-ups Weekly updates: WP, Theme & Plugins Monthly Security checks Monthly Site Pages & Links checks Monthly comments and spam deletion

*   – For a Limited Time %15 OFF Your First Monthly Maintenance –

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