Alexandra Dawson

“Jen helped me completely transform my business!  She is an amazing lady to work with. I am based in the UK so all our meetings/workshops were remote over zoom. We worked really hard but had fun too.  My favourite thing about working with Jen has been her enthusiasm, support and the amazing friendship we have formed.

Jen made my passion her passion and really helped me to dig deep about what I was delivering and who I could support to make the very best of the brand she was creating for me. I now have one place where all my clients and potential clients can go, I have a brand that fits all the dynamic areas I cover and I have made a life-long friend. I would recommend Jen to everyone.”

Jen Shea Clarity Coach and Mentor

I’d owned the domain JenShea.CA for several years, and for several years I wasn’t ready to use it.  I had plenty of excuses and I even tried a few times to get started building it, but found myself not connecting to the design or to what I was trying to do.  I couldn’t figure out how I was going to use.  Then, last summer everything lined up and the site magically came to life.  Now I am owning my site and my business.

“My new site is really getting noticed!”

Lynda Heyden

Lynda had an old website.  It was basic, it was bland.  She knew she needed something new, something that truly captured her personality, her style and what she does to help the clients who trust her.

She also needed a website where new visitors would learn more about her and know that they came to the right place.

The thing that made me feel great about working with Lynda was her enthusiasm and just how excited she was to discover her brilliance through the process of working with me.

Sample Work

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