Branding starts from the inside-out.

The most common mistake most people make when they are starting out is focusing on finding a logo designer and then a website.

There is so much more to your brand than just ‘what it looks like’. 

You need to know Your ‘Why’ and your ideal client‘s ‘What’ before you can start.

I work with clients to help them dig deep and discover why they’ve decided create their business, what really drives their passion and I help them fine-tune in order to discover who their ‘Ideal Client’ is. 

Once we’ve created that ideal customer Avatar, developed a memorable brand story and once the foundation is built, we set to work on making the visual aspect worthy and make it look beautiful! 

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Are you tired of trying to ‘figure it all out’?  Are you overwhelmed with too many ‘specialists’ giving you conflicting suggestions?

Do you need someone who will listen, someone who is not only intuitive and creative, but also communicates and cares?

Nothing makes me happier than to have a client feel as though they’ve broken through a barrier with my help.

From concept to creation… brainstorming to the big reveal, I’m with you all the way.  Whether you are starting from scratch or just need a fantastic new logo you love, I’m in 100%, and my unique skill set and creative background allow me to think outside the box and find solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

“Experience… she has a lot!”  I spent over 25 years working with large companies and small.  From the Federal Government to managing a commuter airline… from property management to insurance and investment services… with cosmetician thrown in the mix.  I worked in the capacity of administrative assistant, customer service, ticket agent & station manager, to rental agent, financial centre administrator, to life insurance sales to office manager and makeup artist.

I enjoyed at least some aspect of each ‘job’, but I never felt completely fulfilled until I took the leap to becoming a business owner myself  in 2011 and now I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing (except maybe doing it a decade or two sooner).

Growing up I was never without a box of colouring pencils or a tin of paint.  I was always drawing, painting, molding… creating something.  It is no surprise that I love what I do!

If you would like to work with a creative collaborator who really listens to what you need, is effective, efficient, resourceful and has knack for understanding what you want (and need) and will make your life easier, just send me a message and let’s see what we can do together!

If you would like to learn more about working with me let’s schedule a free consultation today.